Thyatira Cemetery Rules

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Cemetery Rules (Strictly Enforced):

  • Only individuals connected to the local community will be allowed to be buried at the cemetery. 
  • Gravesites Require a board member to help locate available spaces. You can find our Board Members from the Board of Director's page. 
  • Family members are responsible for their loved ones sites. (i.e.. leaning tombstones, sunken graves, old flower removal)
  • Please take Old Flowers home and dispose of them. 
  • No objects may be placed in front of or around tombstones that would interfere with mowing and grass trimming. 
    • This means small statues of animals or prayer tablets, fences or other bulky items that would require the mowers to move them to do their lawn maintenance. 
  • No trees or shrubs may be planted in the Cemetery without express permission of Board Members.
  • No Structures are to be built in the cemetery. 
  • Most of the new unclaimed gravesites are surveyed and numbered. A valid purchased tombstone marker may be placed on an available gravesite as long as the location has been checked and properly located with the aid of one of the board members.  
  • Thyatira Cemetery is Closed After Dark.