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Welcome to Thyatira Cemetery

Welcome to the official website for Thyatira Cemetery. This site will hopefully grow to allow more information. For now it will be a description of the cemetery and its board of directors.   

We Now Accept Donations Online. Just click on the paypal button on the right side of this page. 

Thyatira Cemetery Updates


Annual meeting of the members for Thyatira Cemetery, Inc.

Date:       May 19th, 2019  

Time:      2:00pm

Location: Bradyville Church of Christ   Click Here for map

Decoration Day at Thyatira Cemetery and fund raiser.

During the weekend of June 8th and 9th, 2019.

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Donations for mowing and general ground maintenance of the cemetery can be given during the decoration weekend or anytime during the year. He have representatives there during this weekend to accept your donations. All donations are greatly appreciated and needed.  You can also give donations anytime of the year to one of the Board of Directors or mail those to the treasurer listed under the board of director's link. Your donations are the only thing that keeps the grounds maintained. For now we have no other form of revenue. So please donate to help maintain your loved one's cemetery. 

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Welcome Visitors

Welcome to our site.

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 Calendar of Events

  • Annual Meeting - 3rd Sunday in May
  • Decoration Weekend/Donations - 2nd weekend in June 


Board of Directors News

We, the Board of Directors, of The Thyatira Cemetery, Inc. wish to express our deep appreciation for all those that came out to our annual meeting in May and those visiting the cemetery and donating during Decoration Day in June. These funds are needed for mowing, maintenance and most importantly contributing to the Perpetual Trust fund. This fund is slowly increasing but our goal is to reach an amount that will allow true perpetual care. But we are a long way from that goal at this point and need money donations for both areas. (Perpetual funds and annual maintenance.

Thank you

The Board of Directors.



Thyatira Cemetery

860 Bradyville Pike  (There is no mail box here so do not mail anything to this address) 

Readyville, Tennessee 37149

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